3 Years, so long yet feels short

When I open this blog page just now, I just realized that I leave this blog unattended for 3 (almost 4!) years. I’m pretty sure nobody reads this blog anymore, but to my surprise I’m averaging about 4 people a day visiting here. If you are real human and not robot, let me say “thank you”.

It’s been a hectic 3 years for me, starting with my migration from Hotgame to Gamenesia, graduation thesis, the graduation itself, and entering into workforce. It’s not the most pleasant journey nevertheless, but I am glad I am still alive and got enough money to eat at McDonalds occasionally


The new Fish&Fries tastes alright actually.

Now, as I working my frail, somewhat large, limbs working to an adhesive tape company here in my hometown, I came into realization that I cannot live without writing. Writing and reviewing stuff has been in my blood since I entered university (I even lived my uni life with the money I made from writing). In realization of that and the abundance of stuff that I could write right now, I decided to pull a Monster Reborn card on this blog.

 I will stick on writing with english language because I feel it will reached more people and easier to work with. Updates will come randomly like always. After this I will do a quick post about my current equipment. I’m sure (citation needed, wait, no) people will be interested.

Well then, see you next time.

I still prefer McD Chicken Nuggets though, and now they comes in 9 piece-pack!


Sony Jienne Tips, Savior for those who need Sony Hybrid Tips


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Actually this review has been made many months ago, but I think many people still didn’t know this fact and I only post it on a local audio forum. Also this will act as a quick post before a major DAP review ( and comparison, yay or no yay? ).  So, here goes..

Many people who bought a pair of IEM, regardless what kind of IEM they bought, still thinking that the eartip’s impact against the overall output of the sound is minimal. Truth to be told, the impact is not just a small matter. The difference is easy to note. Aside from the comfort level which is very easy to know the difference , seal given by the eartips will also got an impact to the sound quality.

For starters, many people prefers Sony Hybrid Eartips because they are easily equipped on a different IEM (not only Sony ones) and providing great comfort to your ear canals, thanks to the hybrid silicone material they are using. But sadly, the stock at our local (Indonesia) headphone store is minimal-to-none. If you still wanted to get a pair of these eartips, I suggest you bought a pair of Sony Jienne IEM (a.k.a Sony EX20LP). The tips provided in this IEM package is the same as the Sony Hybrid tips provided on their higher-up line (start from EX300 to EX1000) , but you will not getting any NC (Noise Cancelling) tips. Fair enough.


Black one is the “normal” Sony Hybrid, the bluish one is from Jienne, beautiful isn’t it?

They are priced below 80 thousand IDR (8 US$ ) if you bought it with another item there and not only four pair of Sony Hybrid Tips (it got the most sought XS size too!) will be added to your inventory, but a great sounding IEM for that price range too! A great I must admit. Not to mention Jienne attractive color will be perfect gift for your girlfriend (if you got one that is 😛 ). Just snatch the remaining tips and you will be all set 😀 .

How is the sound? Well, the most noticeable upgrade is the bass will be much tighter and getting more body. The mids will be soften a little bit too. Perfect if you need a little oomph at your IEM bass parameter.

If you’re interested, you can contact this headphone store. I’m sure that they still got some available.  http://www.jaben-indo.com/

Koss KSC75 : (unofficial) King of Earclips


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Okay, the title is a bit hyperbole, but considering the price/performance ratio of this item I will talk about here, that title is suitable.

Many of the experienced / avid audio eunthasiast have already listen to it (or maybe own one of this set?) But, many who has just began their audio equipment quest doesn’t know about this set of earphone. Based on that (my own assumptions, really), I’m writing about this one. The KOSS KSC75!


KSC75 is an earclip, having 60 ohms impedance and 101 db SPL. Standard length cable, measuring around 4 feet (1.2 meters). It’s an open-back headphones with a body made from plastic and the clip is made from metal, preventing it from breaking apart easily. The earpads is very nice, you will hardly feel it at all hanging around your ears. Too bad Koss isn’t providing any spare earpads, in case the earpads is torn apart either from usage or aging.


KSC75 package is varies based on the production batch. Mostly of them get the standard package, only the unit and warranty notice, but some of them got volume control. The version with volume control is rarely found but the sound is the same.

For the sound, as the title said, it’s the unofficial king of earclips. Maybe earclips is not commonly found because earbud and IEM still trumps the portable audio section. Earclip’s size considered too big for a true portable and too small for joining the portable headphone class, but I can assure you that the sound is very good. Personally, I think Earclip is having their comfortable position in the portable audio world. For those who find earbud is easily fall from their ears or those who find IEM is blocking outside sound, Earclip is the solution. They didn’t fall off easily and the outside sound is not blocked entirely, letting you hear your boss or girlfriend speaking :))

Bass is very good, the sub bass and mid bass is not over-lapping each other. The quality is great, speed is enough. The side note is, for those who loves big bass, KSC75 bass will not please you. Do not fret, Koss Portapro is there for you who wants bass, bass, and more bass.

Vocals? Superb, there is no other word for the vocals. KSC75’s vocal is not sweet like I usually love to have on my cans, but the vocal is not dry either, making them very versatile for any kind of song. You can still enjoy hearing vocal-oriented song as much as listening to rock music.

“Shiny” treble, something rare to be found on the KSC75 price range. Usually, many low-end cans tends to have a bright, not-so-smooth treble (or even not having any treble at all because of the overwhelming bass). But KSC75 treble is smooth, enjoyable treble without causing any fatigue usually a bright cans induce.

Soundstage is a tad bigger than most of earbuds out there (Yuin PK1 is still the best though), but smaller than most of portable cans. The depth is not too deep but enough. Separation is very good, you can pinpoint every instrument in play on the song.


Final verdict? For 300 thousands rupiahs (around 30 US$), this pair is a killer. You will not be dissapointed at all because the sound is worth more than the price. Buy it if you want a great pair of headphones for starting the journey for portable audio world. The standard KSC75 set is already high and you will find it hard to get the replacement of this set.

Gear : Sony Xperia Ray with/without iBasso D-Zero > KSC 75, Hippo Pearl, Sennheiser HD201 modded.

One of my Friend “Ether”-ed My Hometown!

No, this is not a review about my friend specification or anything crazy like that 😛 . One of my friend in an audio forum is visiting me for the second time, accompanying his father who got some business for two days here. I just wanted to write something simple to remember and honor his visit. It’s rare for me to meet my online world friend in real life, especially those who live in different city.

This post is mainly about our visit to 2 famous dining place on my hometown, Surabaya. Oh by the way, His stay last for 2 days, much longer than his first that lasted only for roughly 13 hours. Of course I’m thrilled, but I think it’s not enough for fully exploring all the famous places, given that many of these places only opens at night. Such a shame really, but no matter, there is always a next time 😀 .

First is Coconut Satay “Ondomohen”. Chosen Cow meat, special seasoning, and grated coconut mixed together then grilled. Served with Lontong or white rice and special peanut sauce, this dish is a must-try for any person visiting Surabaya. The combination of peanut sauce and slightly burned satay is simply stunning. Sadly, for you who love strong flavour more than mild ones (like my friend here) this satay flavour is too mild for you, but still, I suggest you to try this when visiting Surabaya

Second is Lekko. Maybe for you who lives in Jakarta, you may already heard this name. Lekko is originated from Surabaya, specializing at ribs. This place is my favorite place to eat a wonderful ribs dish with very reasonable price. My favorites are Flour-Fried Ribs, Water Spinach with Oyster Sauce, and the most important of all, Plain Stock Soup. Plain stock? Yes, plain stock. This is a “not-so-secret” menu here, not listed on the menu list but you could ask the waiter to bring you some for FREE, yes, FREE. Although it’s free, I bet you will ask for seconds 😛 Too bad it’s limited, one bowl for one person.

The Flour-Fried ribs always captivating my taste buds without fail. That touch of flour is redefining everything, taste, texture, you name it. Accompanied with the water spinach and stock soup, this set of dish is simply beautiful. Unfortunately, he thinks that I used my ace card too soon (when he visiting Surabaya for the first time) and biasing all other food he tasted here afterwards. My bad 😛 .

Lastly, we visited a gift shop for purchasing some gift for his family. Luckily I spotted one of the most potent form of sweet bread “poison”. This bread only sold on a small number of shop and rarely in stock because of the rarity and the taste. I convinced him to buy the last one in stock and he agrees. I hope it won’t cause a war in his family because in my family we will do almost anything to get the most bite 😛

Actually I wanted to take him to the most delicious local Ice Cream Parlor in Surabaya, Zangrandi. But unfortunately the clock is ticking to tell me “time is up!”. We parted ways again but I’m sure this is not the last. Thank you Glenn for your time visiting Surabaya. Glad you enjoyed it as much as (I hope so) I did.

Well, if you already at this point, I must say thank you for your time for reading this post even though (maybe) you didn’t know him. For you who’s interested about my “ace card”, I will post it if I got the time 😛 .

My Ears, My Opinion, Your Choice


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I guess I will do some review about new songs out there. Japanese music only though (because Japanese music is the only music I listen to). Of course music is art, art is subjective, and subjective is not objective, so if you does not agree with my writings, it is NORMAL.

What I considered MUSIC is a tune which I could enjoy and feel the emotion of the singer WITHOUT viewing ANY VIDEO at the same time EVERY time. I think I made myself clear here.

Without further ado, here it is.

Sora wa Takaku, Kaze wa Utau (Haruna Luna) :

Failed to amaze me. Recording quality is bad, the vocals is placed too forward and it broke the well-placed instruments at the back. As for the other tracks.. Slow vocals but tries to sing a fast-paced song, you are not Tamura Yukari who excels at this girl.. Well, she is new so there is some room for improvement.

Fav track : Sora wa Takaku, Kaze wa Utau, nothing else..


KIDS ON THE SLOPE (Yoko Kanno) :

As expected from Yoko Kanno, never fail to amaze me. One of the best this season. If you are a Jazz lover, you MUST hear this one. For you who did not know what Jazz is, try it 😛

Fav track : With so many great material here, I must pick Moanin’ as my favourite. Easy to hear, catchy tunes, with only 4 instruments it converges beautifully. An IMPRESSIVE super fast-paced play at the middle, ORGASMIC. Second place is taken by My Favourite Things.


Material Brave OST Harmonic Elements (Various Artist) :

It got some interesting names like KOTOKO and Barbarian on the Groove so I decided to try this one. Surprisingly it is VERY GOOD. Nice choice of tracks, you can find techno, rock, and some pop here. Try BOTG ones! The recordings is great. No complaints.

Fav track : Slash the HERO. One of the most demanding song for bass speed. Do you think your audio set up could handle any double pedal speed? Test it with this song. Second is KOTOKO Unite+Reaction.


Chase The World (May’n) :

How should I say.. It’s your usual May’n style.. Fast paced song, full of synthesizer effect. Very normal, easy to hear song. As for the quality itself, you must watch the video of this song at Accel World opening at least once to fully grasp the “feeling”. Not much to say anymore though so I will stop here.

Fav track : Chase The World


Yasashisa no Riyuu (ChouCho) :

Whoa, Choucho! With three songs she had here, I think she just scored a hattrick to my goal-playlist. All of them are enjoyable, balanced enough, good recordings, and most important of all, boredom-free! Love it.

Fav Track : It is hard to choose between track 1, 2, or 3 (wut?), but I will choose Yasashisa no Riyuu and 木漏れ日色の記憶 (track 2) second.


Koboreru Suna no Aria (Haruka Shimotsuki) :

Shimotsukin!! This album here is one of the rare “storytelling” genre (dunno what the actual genre is). Shimotsuki voice is awesome like always, all the instrument at the back is well-played too. No complaints. Maybe most of you will dislike this genre but for me it is the perfect night-story before sleep.

Fav track : The entire album is one song, you know what it means.


VA Compilation CD Vol 3 : Panorama (Various Artist) :

Okay.. Curiosity sometimes kills, and I think I just killed. Full of cutesy voice, techno and nyan nyan nyan stuff. It may got some decent track but is not enough to revive me. It is a compilation album after all..

Fav track : Do I have to.. KOTOKO – Pray’s Color -Link- I guess..


Tiny Paradise (Yuzuki Yukari) :

Okay, the last two is the first album of Vocaloid 3 series’s Vocaloid that I think holds the most potential than any Vocaloid 3’s members (like SeeU). Yuzuki Yukari voice is what you call “less-bodied” Megurine Luka but her voice bank capabilities is so vast, much more than Luka’s that she often declared as the most powerful Vocaloid 3 out there. With such a great material, why this album contains remixes that kill Yuzuki nature? Yeah I know, remix in Vocaloid world is normal but I cannot bring myself to like it. Back to the album, half of them is good, half of them is bad. Yeah, half of them is remixes.

Fav track : Tiny Paradise first, Anniversary Place second.


IA/01 -BIRTH- (IA) :

Second Vocaloid is IA. Her full name is IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- but IA should be suffice. IA voice is based on real life singer Lia. Her (IA) voice is naturally flat, full of emotion but lacks body. Her high-pitch voice is sometimes muffled too. Most of you will think “MEH” but I will say “YES”. Her voice is blending nicely in any song this album provides and projecting an image of a little girl tries to sing whole-heartedly even when her voice is not suitable. Very good indeed. It is been a long time since a Vocaloid-based album could satisfy my two humble ears this much. Oh, I think I forget something. The recording quality this album had is one of the best I ever heard (hint : Sony, Maeda Jun)

Fav track : My Soul, Your Beats! placed first, Headphone Actor places second, tale of the tree third.

So.. that’s it. If you like this post, I’m glad. If you are not.. Like I care man 😛

Ibasso D-Zero, The Starting Point?


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It’s been awhile, so much task to do and absolutely no time for writing something. Stress is building up and I need something to test (and write) for relieving my stress. At the end, I choose to cancel my PS Vita purchase (considering US titles is still few too) and bought this baby instead.

It’s Ibasso D-Zero , an USB/DAC Amplifier from Ibasso Audio. From the datasheet it contains Wolfson WM8740 chip for handling D/A conversion from the USB receiver TI PCM2706. For the amplifier section it’s powered by AD8656 from Analog Devices. D-Zero equipped with Aux In/Out, Mini USB port ( for charging and DAC purpose), Gain selector, and Volume control. Very impressive given that this device has credit card form factor with only 11mm thickness.

For the included accessories, D-Zero comes with USB cable, leather pouch (no, it’s not pleather), 3.5″ to 3.5″ standard interconnect, and four rubber feet. All of them is great in quality so there’s no complaints at all here.

D-Zero capabilities is able to become USB/DAC, DAC only, and Amp only, something I find rare (or maybe the only one) with the price range D-Zero plays on. Also, with the equipped battery, D-Zero able to amplify your desired sound on-the-go for almost 30 hours, another impressive feat. The size is also make this baby a perfect entry level portable amp.

Sound wise, D-Zero focused on low bass and background. It gives a great low bass kick, something I need for my collection of headphone (also IEM) that lacks low bass punch. The background is black and this is affecting the details and separation. Imagine if you write something using black pen on white paper and gray paper, of course your writing will be easily distinguished on white paper than on gray paper. It’s like that. The sound is well-organized too, maybe for some people D-Zero lacks fun factor, but for me I like this kind of sound.

Mids is not boosted nor nerfed. Midrange stays the same so if you’re searching for some amp to sweetens your headphone sound this one is not for you. Some says that the midrange body is nerfed but in my case I only get this impression on 1-2 tracks, so I think it’s not “right” to say the midrange body is downgraded on all tracks out there.

I think D-Zero winning points is the form factor and the black background it provides. For someone like me who’s very mobile and got nearly no time for listening desktop setup, D-Zero works like a charm. Simple to set-up, amazing battery power too! That’s why I prefer this than similiar products like Fiio E10 or E17.  It’s like a multi-purpose knife, it can do almost anything with a simple and small package

If you’re interested, you can buy this here : http://ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=73 , or if you live in Indonesia, you can purchase it here : http://kantong-kresek.com/product.php?id_product=565 .

dbE HP 30 Review and Impressions


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First, let me give my thanks to Mr. Michael Maryo AKA hanhan for the dbE HP 30 loaner program ( you can find him here : http://www.dontblameyourears.com/ ), the person who made this review possible 😀 .

For those who didn’t know, dbE is a audio equipment company that focus on personal audio equipment like speakers and earphone located on Indonesia. This HP30 here is the first attempt of dbE to create a full-size headphone. Curious? Just read the remaining part of this post 😛 .

dbE HP 30 Specifications

Type : Wired, Full-Open Design. 53mm Dynamic Driver

Impedance and Sensitivity : 60 ohms, 92db +/- 3dB at 1 Vrms

Frequency Response : 15 Hz – 25 KHz


When HP 30 package delivered to my house, I’m surprised. It’s very big!

Wow, didn’t expecting this. The package is so luxurious (kinda reminds me of the package of high-end Sennheiser).

You will get the unit, an extension cord measuring 1.8 meters, and stereo jack converter from 3.5″ to 6.3″.

The cable attached to the unit is 2.2 meters and when combined, the total length is.. do the math yourself 😛 . A simple manual book and warranty card also included.

Build Quality

Very sturdy. Hard metal for the grill and headband, covered with pleather. The cup itself is from plastic. Velour pads are used for comfortable listening and yes, I found them very comfortable. Cables are thick and the stereo jack look sturdy enough. Oh, the design is full-open back so the sound will leaked outside when used.

Comfort Level

Like I said earlier, it’s very comfortable. The velour feels nice and the cup is large enough for my big ears. Clamping force is good and the weight is moderate. It’s single-ended style so it will not make the cables easy to tangle by itself.

Now, on to the sound section!

Full of mid bass. The bass doesn’t go deep so the sub bass suffers a lot here. The punch and impact is moderate, but considering this is an open cans, it’s good. The bass also bleeds to the mid section a little but for me it’s not a big problem.

Very nice, not overly sweet but it’s not too thin either. Both female and male vocals delivered nicely. It got some sibilance issues though, so if you dislike any sibilance when listening to music, steer clear from this headphone.

It’s good, sparkles nicely. It’s not overly bright or harsh at all. Shame though, the treble sounds tin-ny (or metallic, if you would).

Separation is good, actually when received it for the first time, the separation is bad. After giving it some chance (burning it using my FM radio), the separation is getting better. Soundstage? there is none. Shame really, but that’s the truth. Some example : Many of pop song recording places the drum behind the singer and they sounded from the same spot on these.

I think HP 30 excels when playing mellow, accoustic songs. They’re great for jazz and audiophile recordings too. Pop is acceptable. For playing rock, the guitar sound reproduced is not “viciously” enough. Trance, hip-hop, and RnB? You will be dissapointed..

Final Verdict
For a first product, this baby here is not that bad. The WOW factor is quite high and the sound signature is easily accepted by someone who just started in the portable audio world. For the veteran? I suggest the fully-burned one for testing.

Wait, the price? It’s only 400 thousands rupiahs (roughly 45 US$). Surprised? Me too. Easily one of the best under 70 US$.

Spring 2012 Anime, My Initial Impressions and Watchlist


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This is my first impression of the Spring 2012 season. Of course this impression is based on the first episode. Happy reading!

Accel World :

I love techie stuff and I ABSOLUTELY love how the technology is shown in this anime. Fat, short, and a loser main chara? nice addition. Actually, it’s kind of refresing if you ask me. How Haru defeat his enemy using real physics is neat. No fancy weaponry YET. Love how the story progresses but I think it’s a bit forced and too fast though, it’s 24 episodes, should be a tad bit slower. :-\

Definitely Follow

Memorable moments : Anything involves that “device”. Transferring photo instantly, money transfer, and mind communication? I’M SOLD.

oh, and Kuroyuki-hime too

Acchi Kocchi :

Tsumiki : Konata and Taiga in one package? impossible.. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Jokes aside, very light and stress-relieving. The characters are actually pretty “normal” but they complemented each other nicely. There is level headed Io, shy and tsun/dandere Tsumiki, super prankster Mayoi, nosebleeder Hime, and the class clown Sakaki. Very nice. My favourite this season beside Fate/Zero.

Besides, who could resist this cuteness? NO ONE.

Definitely Follow

Memorable moments : Tsumiki when.. everything.. everytime.. and

“Testing testing, etoo.. please look at your right.. you will see.. WALLS”

Fate / Zero II :

After a cliffhanger back at fall, the fourth Holy Grail War continues.. Chock-full of intense action, especially Berserker and Archer’s dogfight. Maybe some of you will hate the long and boring chatting sequence between Tokiomi and Kariya, but that’s how Fate roll. No complaints at all, briliantly made.

Definitely Follow

Memorable moment : The Dogfight

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? – Of the Dead :

Our zombie-crossdressing-masou shoujo Aikawa Ayumu is back! For those who didn’t watch the first season, Aikawa Ayumu is killed by a serial killer then revived by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellsycthe. Yeah, basically it’s the continuation of the series. Still hilarous and crazy like the first season. Love it.

Definitely Follow

Memorable moments : The fighting at the school yard and the “fairy”.

Medaka Box :

Revolves around Medaka, a super-perfect girl who wanted to help all people who clings for help. A very noble cause, but for me it’s too naive. Anyway, it’s well made. As expected from nisioisin and Gainax combo.

Will watch a few more episodes

Memorable moment : actually, none.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san :

Nyarlathotep (AKA Nyaruko) is a formless Ctulhu deity from space who comes down to earth to protect Mahiro Yasaka, a normal school guy, from human trafficking. Strangely, I find this anime is the bright, happy-go-lucky version of Shakugan no Shana. It’s good and I love Nyaruko sense of humor and catch lines. I do feel a bit of dissapointment, seeing one of H.P Lovecraft works turns out like this. It’s just me though.

Definitely Follow

Memorable moment : Space CQC!

Saki : Achiga-hen – Episode of Side A

Basically it’s an anime showing a bunch of lolis playing mahjong. What I got from watching this is Mahjong actually a sport, not just a game for betting. The anime itself is.. crappy. This first episode seems used to prepare the entire anime, but fails to do it nicely. They pushed out all the details and the advancement of the story in one go and in the end, I feel exhausted.

Will watch for Ako only. Will drop it if bored.

Memorable moment : Knowing Ako’s transfomation.. wow..

Sankarea :

A guy obsessed with zombies and the undead, and when his cat dies, he plans to revive it. In the process, he met with the most beautiful girl who many of his friends admired. Decent start but still.. nearly nothing to grasp at the first episode. I think the undead part will only serve as a side point and this anime will be focusing on their relationship..

will follow some episodes more

Memorable moment : main chara’s imouto pajamas

Sengoku Collection :

Japanese “Warring States” heroes turns into bishoujo and sent to future japan? One thing for sure, that’s the most loveable Oda Nobunaga version I think.. WTF indeed. But I think it’s decent and funny.

Will follow some episodes more

Memorable moments : “balls-crushing” Inari Sushi.. OUCH. and Twittor

Shirokuma Cafe :

Centered around a Polar Bear who runs a cafe, yep, POLAR BEAR. Skeptical at first, but didn’t expect it will turned out like this. Very funny despite of the limitation of projecting emotion to animals. Animation quality isn’t that great, but the art behind it is superb, one of the best this season. I do hope the joke quality gets better / stay the same. Maybe most of you will think “dafuq did I just watch?” I couldn’t blame you..

will follow some episodes more

Memorable moments : The Interview and the yandere (?) okaa-san

I think that’s it for my watch list and impressions. I know there’s other anime like Upotte!, Zetman, and many others but none of them could make me watching more than 5 minutes (I’m looking at you Upotte). Many of the people says Uchuu Kyoudai is great, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it now.


Hello, Wakiniki here. After using this blog only for task assigned to me at my University, I think it’s time to use this blog for my true interest (or passion, if you would), sharing anything that takes my interest in my world. Besides, as a Writer/Reviewer, my passion (beside techie and anime stuffs) is to write, write as many as I could. My heart couldn’t find any source of happiness greater than seeing people commenting, feels enlightened, or even criticizing my work (aside from seeing lolis and techie stuff of course).

What I aim to share in this blog is my review of anime, game, and techie stuff (mostly audio and computer related) that I experienced. Sometimes I will post any tips and tricks that I stumble upon exploring the internet. About the language I will use, mostly I will be using english and my native language (Indonesian). Feel free to ask for English / Indonesian version of my post if you need it.

Well, that’s all for now. I think I’ll post my impressions on recently aired Spring 2012 season anime and a local headphone product that I got recently for reviewing, dbE HP 30.

Sorejya, Mata ne..

Perihal PRS Mahasiswa Baru 2011

Disalin langsung dari pernyataan dosen wali mahasiswa baru 2011 Yusak Tanoto S.T. M.Eng.

“Dear mhs angkatan 2011, untuk PRS perdana saya MEWAJIBKAN anda semua datang ke pertemuan tanggal 30 Januari (senin) jam 9.00-10.00 untuk membahas tata cara perwalian. Ruang akan ditentukan kemudian. konsultasi PRS mulai jam 10.00-12.00 di P321, dilanjutkan jam 13.00-15.00 di Unit Perbekalan (di hari yang sama). Untuk tanggal 31, konsultasi jam 8.00-11.00 di Unit Perbekalan. Harap diperhatikan, bagi mhs angkatan 2011 yang tidak datang menghadap untuk konsultasi tidak bisa PRS online.”

semoga bermanfaat, terima kasih